Friday, 19 October 2007

from Canmore to Pincher Creek

We leave Canmore and travel south - Hwy. 40, 541 to Longview and 22 to Pincer Creek.The Rocky Mountains are in the backround, turquoise glacial lakes dot the area around Kananaskas Park.
Close examination of the cliffs show how the ancient seabed was twisted and heaved thousands of feet in the air. Notice the size of the trees (double click for enlargement)

Rocky Mountain sheep come down to eat mineral rich soil near the road.
The mark of past avalanches is the flattened areas with low growing brush, instead of evergreens.

Snow dusts the mountains and small plants glow golden, lime green and rust.
Soon the Rockies are replaced with the foothills and as we drive east, flatten into the 'endless' prarie.

Throughout Alberta, these oil wells constantly pump 'black gold'.

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