Saturday, 20 October 2007

Banff, Alberta & gondola up Sulphur Mt.

Banff is a tourist town in Banff National Park, located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

One of the main attractions is the nearby Sulphur Mountain.
There is a breathtaking ride in a gondola to the top where a gift shop & restaurant perch on a view point.
From the viewpoint, the town of Banff is spread below with its world famous CPR hotel and hot springs From the viewpoint, you trek up a wooden 'trail' with platforms and stairs. The view is 360 degrees of mountains.
Saucy Wiskey Jacks will steal a sandwich that is unguarded.

This is me, about half-way up. It is an easy climb that takes 2-3 hours (return).
Once again, looking down at Banff.

Here is the destination of the climb. There has been a station here for many years. It measures radiation from space.
The mountain rocks are seabed that has been thrust up as the earth cooled and as forces pushed from within the core. Click on photo to read.
The trees are amazing, they grow out of the rock cliffs ... some make it and some don't!
The sky is the bluest of blues! Little ground squirrels collect the seeds from trees that are heavy with brown cones.

This truly is the 'big Alberta sky' in all its wonder!
Banff and Sulphur Mountain are known worldwide as a 'must see' destination.

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