Friday, 19 October 2007

Head Smashed in Buffallo Jump

There was a time when buffallo ranged in herds of thousands over the prairie. The earth shook when they stampeded. The native tribes met in the fall to organize a stampede that would push the buffallo over this cliff. They would then strip the carcass of meat for winter food, robes for warmth, bones for implements. the meat was dried, pounded to powder and mixed with berries and fat to make pemican. This mixture kept for months. White explorers would not have suvived without it.

Head Smached in Buffallo Jump is a world class heritage site with an interpretive center built into the cliff. The life and times of the Pegain indians is displayed. Winter counts were recorded: who was there, their success and leaders.

Unfortunately, we have only small herds today. Ranchers didn't want the buffallo. With the building of the railroad, people hung out of the windows and shot these incredible animals. they were left to rot. The food source of the North American Prairie Indians was virtually wiped out!

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