Sunday, 21 October 2007

Canmore, Alberta Area

Canmore, historically was a coal mining town. When we went through on our honeymoon in the 60's, there were small bungalo houses, a few stores, a gas station and a new motel. We stayed in the motel and did the tourist tour in Banff.

You cannot help but be aware of the huge mountains of solid rock, very different from the tree covered coastal mountains.
I have read about large lakes formed after the glaciers started to melt. Ice dams would break and send massive amounts of water down the valleys, carving deeply. I wonder if this was a 'spillway'?
Canmore today is an upscale town, a destination for winter holidays and retirement homes. It boasts nearby downhill and cross country skiing.
The Bow River snakes along the valley with pathways to walk. Mountain trails are well developed. The view is from Goat Mt.
The Seven Sister Mountains stretch like a spine along the valley.

The Nordic center for the Calgary Olympic games is located near Canmore.
We had a wonderful visit with my brother and a dinner with friends we hadn't seen for 32 years!

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