Sunday, 21 October 2007

Kootney Park

Leaving Cranbrook, we drove up a beautiful valley running through Kootney Park.
This is the less travelled road - Hwy 93. Along the way is Invermere and Radium, known for its hot springs.

Without signs of explanation, the road led through a tall canyon. I believe this is the Vermillion River.

Looking north, south and straight up.

It appears that the river runs under the road to emerge from the southern edge and plunge down a canyon.
Emerging from the canyon, the next amazing land feature is the 'Paint Pots'. Historically the native peoples from miles around used the iron oxide pigments from this cliff.
Shortly after that, are mountains laid desolute by the fires of 2003.
Among the charred stumps fireweed arises and blooms with great abandonment. Fireweed is the first plant to regrow after a fire.

And, then the Marble Canyon!

The water has carved through the rock to form a canyon and left a landbridge.
On one side of the creek, the burnt wood faces young trees that escaped the fires.

Onward to the north and the mountains turn rugged.

The storm clears and Canmore is just around the mountain!


heidi said...

Breathtaking Photos. Thanks' for sharing with us.
I would I could be there.

Kathy Wagner said...

Your photography is amazing Vivian! You have seen such beauty!