Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Numbers - Vivian Kapusta - In the Beginning

My mind went back to when we started to use numbers and why ...
After we ran out of fingers and toes, we needed another form for calculation. 

In the far East, China and India had developed a method of counting based on units. Originally, they calculated trade accounts in the sand with rocks. Then,an early math-brain developed the Abacus.
Check out wikiHow for directions on using this incredible calculator.

I decided to create an abacus from scratch, I chose materials that would be available in making an early abacus. So: the rough cotton imitates sand, the shells replace the beads normally used today. the corner decorations are hand made wood beads, the thread is made from old saris ... an ancient practice ... the upper beads reminded me of teeth, something else that would be available!


Creating this took far longer than I had calculated!

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