Thursday, 20 December 2012

Design Explorations - November

The topic for November was ... SURPRISE ME

I chose some fabric that I printed using disperse transfer dyes. They are a surprise when you complete the process ... you do not know what colour will print.

The basic method:
1. mix powdered dyes with water (some come premixed)
2. paint on white copy paper and let dry
3. transfer to polyester fabric by ironing ... put paper face down on the fabric and iron without steam ... use press cloth or parchment paper above and below ... hold layers flat and still as you iron ... peek to see when it has transferred ... be prepared to be surprised!
4. rinse with synthropol to make sure the dye is permanent and press

This little piece is the result of an old blouse (see vertical tucks) and a piece of curtain lace. They must be polyester to take the dye.
I stitched, did a small amount of colour addition to the area of the tucks and probably will add some hand embroidery and embellishment.

This is the paper ... notice how dark it is. You can get more than one print and you can also spray with a light mist of water and get additional prints.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Such a very interesting technique...does it matter what type of powder dyes? Love the color variations that you achieved.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Very interesting Vivian. I'm learning lots from your posts on your process. Do you use Lutradur?

Vivian said...

replying to Rhoda's post:
I have just experimented with the process.
You do need specific dyes that will work with polyester: I googled 'disperse dyes, transfer method and found a wealth of information:
Here is a link to some amazing results:

Vivian said...

reply to Caroline's post
Glad you enjoy the blog ... we grow by sharing!
I have used Lutrador ... but, once again just a little experimentaitonm mostly with a heatgun.
I found one site that prints on Lutrador
It has interesting possiblilities
Here is a video by Bonnie McCaffery with Lesley Riley

Judy Ferguson said...

Pretty impressive results. I have not tried these types of dyes as yet, but your results make me think I should. Thanks for the post.