Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Design Explorations: August and October

I love working on these little pieces. They give me a chance to experiment and play!
Unfortunately, I don't always find the time to be on time ... but, I do get them done, eventually ... I began in 2005 to make little journal quilts.

The August topic was 'Foreign'
We were travelling in Russia - a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a few days in Helsinki, Finland. (photos to come on the blog)
I was struck by the symbols of power that existed during the political turmoil of the last century:
The lavish and extravagance of the Tsars is still evident in the beautiful buildings, the art collections and the churches they funded.
The Communist party is represented with the hammer and sickle, symbols of the workers and peasants. As the Soviet Party developed, the Red Star appeared on public buildings. This one rises above the Spasskaya Tower in the Moscow Kremlin. 

The October topic was 'Be in Touch'
My partner in this challenge is Carla. She chose one of her photos that she shot when her shadow stretched on the ground in front of her. She raised her hand as in waving to a friend.

Carla's piece reminded me of a photo I shot early last spring. I was on the Pitt Polder dikes. The snow covering the Golden Ears Mountains reflected in the Alouette River. My shadow stretched in front of me with the setting sun behind.
My challenge was to show the depth of the layers, with my shadow stretching on the golden grass. I could reach out and 'be in touch' with my other self.
It was a challange! I used the Derwent Inktense Blocks and many layers of thread.

At first, I was annoyed that my shadow ruined the shot. On second thought,  I appreciated the uniqueness and pressed the button.

I have one more project to complete and the year will be complete.

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