Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kauai 2012 Koloa and Hanapepe

Towards the center of the island, there is often mist on the mountains.

The egret is common and are generally found in groups. They eat insects and will follow tractors to get the grubs that are dug up.

There are many small towns on the west side. Hanapepe is an historic town that has been turned into a gallery walk for tourists.. On Friday nights, they stay open with street barbeque and sparkling lights.

This is the bookstore that is the most western bookstore in the US. They have an amazing collection.
Many of the buildings are rebuilt. This old theater awaits.
Many of the buildings have historical information.
plantation cabin

If you want the local gossip ... visit the old garage in the late afternoon. You will find  a friendly group with lots of opinions on what the world needs!

Don't miss the taro ko chips ... they are delicious!
  Bougainvillea  grows wild!

Another little town with lots of interesting shops and good pub style restaurants is Koloa.
My husband found a good listener!

Nearby, is a park with memorials of the sugar industry.
In the center is an open structure with bronze figures of the different cultures that were brought to work in the sugar fields.

This is sugar cane, once a thriving industry!

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