Friday, 2 December 2011

A touch of winter ...

Leaving Vancouver ... where the snow stays in the mountains and the grass stays green.
Above Hope ... frosted trees.
Ice forming in the river.
This raven was looking for a handout.
Manning lodge - the roof looked like an art quilt.
Coyote keeps watch.
-20 C

Bromley Rock.
Natures designs.

As we neared the Okanagan, the mountains level out to hills and the snow is just a dusting.

We were in Pentiction for a few chilly days.

Bark on a tree by Okanagan Lake.
Bronze children play by the lake.
Bark pattern on a tree.
Looking north on Okanagan Lake
Interesting geometry.
Skeezer and Tony go for a walk ... or play in the leaves?
Meeting new friends!
Check out the 'Dream Cafe' it is unique in decor and brings in some great musicians.
More of nature's artistry.
The road home had snow, but was sanded.
Once, there was a huge lake ... now there are sandstone cliffs.
Many ranches had cattle grazing along the Similkimeen River.
The sun was dropping. In the shadows the ice reflects the trees.

As we near the Fraser Valley, the spring has turned to ice.
Near the river, frost builds on the bushes.
The snow level moves further up the mountain.
Ahh ... green grass again!

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