Saturday, 3 December 2011

Abstract Challenge 2011 October & November

October Theme: Food
Title  'Playing with your Food'
This is an example of 'playing with your food'. The source was  my photo of a Swan Gourd.
By natural selection we can change the appearance, keeping quality and nutritional value of food.
What really worries me is the Gene-splitting that is being done. The intention is to improve the food source in some way ... but ... what of the future? What unintentional changes are also happening? We are losing many of the foods that have been grown for centuries. Are the seed banks any safer than the $ banks?

November Theme:  Water
Title:  'Run-off'
Water ... essential for life, water has made life possible on our planet. 
Water ... in danger, becoming polluted.
I chose a hand dye with brown (hills) and cream (sandy shore). Then, I used metallic paint in the valleys to represent the water run-off. That was followed by stitching to represent contour lines (altitude) on a map.

You can tell that I've done a lot of plane travel in the past year ... the images hang around in my mind!

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