Monday, 7 November 2011

MOV - Neon Vancouver / Ugly Vancouver

19,000 neon signs decorated Vancouver City in the 1950s and 60's.
The Museum of Vancouver has a show running until August 12, 2012.
Today, Vancouver is called the 'Glass City' with soaring high  rises. The view is from the  MOV.
A stainless steel fountain in front of the museum.
As well as the main display of neon signs, the  museum  has displays of life through the decades.
Saturday night dates were a walk down 'theatre row'. 
Mobile cameras snapped  photos
 and handed you a ticket to claim your photo at the shop.

'Cafe' meant everything from a pork chops to a banana split.
The conflict was between those who loved the signs that reflected in the  puddles  (remember, this is  Vancouver) and those who thought they were 'garish and ugly'. The movement was to get rid of neon and replace the signs with back-lit panels that were limited in size and position on the building.
Cunningham drugs promised to deliver.
Signs hung over the sidewalk, selling the wares of the times.

This was a well known night spot in Vancouver's Hastings St.
The neon gas emits red and argon (with murcury) emits blue. The glass tubes were clear or with colour on the inside of the tube ... creating a multitude of colours. The museum display discusses the process.
I've just shown a few of the signs ... you need to see them glowing in the dark!

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