Thursday, 14 July 2011

Abstract Challenge 2011 April - Branch

I started with the Abstract Challenge group in 2004 and did a few of the themes. I now have 6 years of completed challenges!
We have one theme per month in an 8"x8" little quilt. The group has lost active members and may cease to exist. I find that a sad thought ... the group is a great place to learn and grow. Although we have a large number of members, they are not participating. The group can be found at:
If you like experimenting and pushing your own creativity, think about joining and making these little gems!

I find these small quilts to be useful as a springboard back into creative thought. It is very freeing to do a little quilt ... it is only a little fabric and a great place to try new techniques and products. Practicing on a small item gives confidence to try new  ideas and approaches. Many of my small quilts have been a prototype for a larger piece!
One branch lives!
The theme for April was 'BRANCH'. On a walk at the beach, this ancient tree was leaning over a rocky cliff. It has weathered years of wind and rain, been scorched by the sun and starved for nutrients in a weak soil. And, yet ... one branch has survived and still produces leaves and seeds ... the hope for tomorrow.

If you would like to see more of my little art quilts, use the left column and click on 'art quilts' to filter out the other posts.


PT in SC said...

I love your quilt, very nice. I'm also a member of the abstract challenge and while I haven't participated a whole lot, I do often drop in a look a everyone's work. How can we get it going again? I emailed the moderator a week or so ago with a suggestion for a July topic, but never heard back. I hate to see it just fade away.

Carol said...

It'a lovely piece Vivian. Very creative.

Shannon said...

What a talent! Your quilts are absolutely beautiful.