Sunday, 23 January 2011

Traditional Hawaiian Quilting

On my trip to Hawaii, I was able to meet with a group of quilters at the Kaua'i Museum in the town of Lihue.'Auntie' was a very kind expert who shares her experience and knowledge. The beautiful quilt behind us is made by 'Auntie Florence', and it is for sale! 
They work on their own projects, with occassional help from a friend.

This top is appliqued and ready for a conference on how to add the boarder. The plan is to have additional pieces added to make it into a small quilt.

This is a first project by a young visitor from Japan.
The projects are all different and personal.
The ladies meet on Friday mornings and love to have visitors.
And ... the museum is a great place to spend a day. The history and culture of Hawaii is illustrated in displays.

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Darnney said...

Vivian, it was a pleasure having you visit us and be a part of our group for a day. Please return soon. Aloha, Darnney.