Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Quilting in the New Year!

We were lucky, the first two weeks of January were spent on the island of Kaua'i in Hawaii! It was wonderful!
There were of course Quilt shops ... both shops are on the east side in Kapa'a.
Vicky is the owner of Vicky's fabrics in the town. She is called 'auntie', a term that indicates she is someone with the knowledge of age and that she is willing to help others learn. In fact she was staying open late because a customer was coming in. Her shop carries lots of wonderful batiks and an assortment of bright Hawaiian floral prints.
The second shop is in the direction of Lihue, in a quaint little store. The two sales ladies were jolly and we all ended up in giggles. The shop also had lots of colourful bali batiks and bright Hawaiian prints. They carried quilts made in the Phillipines and small items made by local quilters.

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