Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Secrets & Cherry Blossoms

In the fall, I attended a lecture and trunk show by Helen Fujiki. http://www.helenfujiki.com/Fuji_Wa_Quilting/Welcome.html
Helen's work is amazing and inspired me to do 'Secrets'. The method is to use motifs from fabrics and arrange them in a design to present your image. It is a good design exercise - you need to pay attention to the Principles of Design to ensure your piece is balanced, has rhythm, unity and leads the eye to the important parts. It must hold together as an interesting design.
The first step was to pin the motifs onto the background and then move the pieces around like a puzzle until they 'fit'. I took a photo and then slid the pieces off. The second step was to build the quilt sandwich and free motion quilt it. Then, I placed each motif and stitched it to the background with a small sized stitch. The method is similar to traditional 'Broderie Perse'.
I found this method foreign to my usual mode of working. Generally, I have an image based on an experience in my own life. Then I choose fabrics by auditioning them and start to build my design in layers. I work through the problems, a necessary part of original design work.

However, I am pleased with ' Secrets and Cherry Blossoms' and it will be entered in a couple of shows, one being the Vancouver Cherry Festival and the other CQA/ACC Invitational show in London Ontario at the end of May, 2011.


Terry van der Est said...

Your wall hanging is very pretty. All the elements work together well.

Helen Fujiki said...

Vivian, I love how it turned out. You used the elements at your disposal beautifully to depict "Hanami" or Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan!! I love your use of "Ma" and the emphasis on the quilting through the diagonal - very clever! The positioning of the blossoms was just the right touch. So glad I got to see the finished product after being there from the beginning.

Gloria said...

Beautiful! Love the movement and texture created by the quilting!