Wednesday, 10 November 2010

home from Winnipeg

After two weeks and a great holiday visiting with cousins and attending the FAN retreat, we headed to Edmonton from Winnipeg. Below ... you can see the business area of the city.
I darkened this photo to highlight the serpentine Red River.The sky was blue with the sun reflecting off the moisture in the clouds.
The clouds looked solid ... like snow.
We landed in Edmonton and the next morning woke to snow for our drive home.
A small band of deer emerged from the woods.
Near a small lake, these rocks showed the contortion of pressures from past geological pressure.Mount Robson takes my breath away.These magnificent Elk did tourist duty. They seem aware that they are protected here.The skies turned wild and turbulent ... foreshadowing a storm to come.The land flattened out with a mixture of white birch and pine.Out of the mists, the valley spread out with farm and ranch lands.Next: dry hills. A few years ago, devastating fires destroyed square miles of trees.Suddenly, fall reappeared with golden leaves waving in the misty winds. The next leg of our journey was heavy rain.The Hefley Creek rolls down the valley to join Kamloops Lake.
Coming out of the Coastal Mountains, the rain disappeared .
As we neared home, a familiar farm greeted us.
I realized how much I missed BC's green grass, tall evergreens, and lush colours of gold and red!
We left Edmonton at 8:00 am and arrived home at 9:00 pm.

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