Sunday, 31 October 2010


At the FAN retreat, we worked on monoprints. I decided to go for loose and colourful ... messy but, unique.
Block Printing: we carved our own blocks, as well as using commercial and found items.
This was printed wet with the orange and then overprinted with wet blue and finally dry blue.
The stamp I carved for this was combined with the part that was cut away. I printed twice each time I painted the block.These next pieces were done on a jel surface made with solidified gelatin. It makes a softer edge than a hard surface.The next four pieces were painted with thick paint from the bottle and swirlled around with a variety of items like sticks & grouting tools.
The second pull was delicate and interesting ...
Hard surfaces: If you need alligator texture ... this was done on a place mat surface. I gave it a spritz at the end, shown in the blotches.
This piece was on a very roughly woven fabric ... the paint skimmed the surface.
My favorite ... on a rough weave, using wet watercolour techniques.

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Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Your monoprints are amazing. I think I'll make up some gelatin today. I've been wanting to try this technique.