Friday, 29 October 2010

FibreArtNetwork Retreat 2010

The FibreArtNetwork is a group of artists from BC to Manitoba. We have about 90 members - some earn their living through their artl and some who just enjoy making art and showing their work. Our retreat is our only meeting of the year. We handle the association business and make plans for exhibits of our work.
We met at Laureate's Landing Retreat on the Red River, below Winnipeg, MB.
Our program started with an exchange of ATCs and a 'getting to know you' evening. The first day, we had a program on photography, from Tobi Ann Baumgartner. We discussed how to obtain good shots of our work for publication.
We did a workshop making monoprints. The first method was on a thick gel made with gelatin. It gave a soft edge print. The second was on a hard surface. The third exercise was to carve a block and print on fabric.We also 'released our 'diva'. Martha printed an apron rather than make a doll ... so she 'modelled'. Many were a 'work in progress'.
We toured two shows by new Manitoba FAN Members:
The first show was at the Concert Hall in Winnipeg, MB - Judith Panson, a very accomplished artist. Her interest in Jazz let to this piece.
Brandy Lynn Mazlowski is a FireFighter who is also a very talented artist and is actively planning a career in art. Information on theWinnipeg, MB show:
'Show and Tell' was wonderful, with members talking about their work during the year.
Martha Cole had a unique piece. She is a bookmaker as well as a quilt maker.
A register was commissioned by the University of Winnipeg for the new Human Rights program. The cover is elk skin and inside are pages that will contain the names of those registered each year. In between each page is a handmade paper based on local grasses and other vegetable matter.
Martha later facilitated a workshop on self evaluation of our work. It was an interesting process where we examine both a piece we are happy with and one that we are not satisfied with.
The fall colour was largly gone. However, a few leaves were still vibrant.

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Sunflower Design said...

Thanks for sharing Vivian. I really missed being there. Glad to see you had so much professional and personal development opportunities available. Way to go Manitoba!!