Thursday, 23 September 2010

is summer really gone?

What is there not to like about summer? The traditional flowers are exquisite. The weeds & seeds are fascinating.The tropicals are breathtaking.I love the poppies. This year, they grew 5 feet tall - to reach over the wild grass. So, I reclaimed the garden - it had been over run with weeds! I grew some veggies - love those fresh herbs! I have to pick and choose to grow the veggies & flowers the deer and bear won't eat ... or else fence the area.Is it really over? Summer is my favorite season when we can wander outdoors and feel the sun and soft breezes and relax. This is the moon gate at the North Vancouver Park & Tillford Gardens.And, then there is this ... where I like to spend time each day ... ... A wonderful summer day!There is time to visit with friends - a perfect end to the day ... from Gabriola Island.


Carol said...

Your photographs are pretty. I love the poppies.

Shirley said...

I love your blog, Vivian! You take some wonderful photos. Shirley