Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nova Scotia, Hall's Harbour

Nova Scotia's flag - proudly displayed by this little fishing community of Hall's Harbour.Hall's Harbour was actually settled first by pirates! It still gives the impression of being a strong little community.The Dorey is the row boat developed in the maritimes. It has shallow bottom and can be tossed on the waves without capsizing.The tide comes up the Bay of Fundy and where it narrows, there is a tremendous change in the level of the ocean from low to high tide.Here is a boat at low tide. Below is the same boat at high tide. Note the long ropes tied to allow for the difference in Ocean level.Behind the harbour is an area that drains and fills with the tide. This wild flower is beautiful in blossom and as a seed pod.South and inland of Hall's Harbour is the Annapolis Valley, a rich farming area.

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Barb said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a great time!