Thursday, 2 September 2010

Trip 10 Homeward bound: Halifax, Nova Scotia to Abbotsford, British Columbia

Halifax is on a natural protected harbour. European contact dates back to the 1600's. Below is the Annapolis Valley, a unique land form for Nova Scotia - a rich farm area.Villages, formerly Fishing communities are dotted along the Nova Scotia coastline. The interior is scruffy trees and countless lakes. Clouds and mist shroud the banks of the Bay of Funday with Nova Scotia and New Brundswick. Soon, th Saint Lawrence River stretches out ... wide at times and then squeezing through channels. Farms line the shores and Montreal appears with the Olympic Stadium as the most recognizable landmark. I think the photo below is of Lake Winnipeg, MB As we pass over the prairies, Mother Nature mixes patchwork with abstract lines. As always, I'm fascinated with the geography of the Rockie Mountains and the trench that divides them.The smoke from the Okanagan Valley fires hung heavily in the valleys. Soon we were over the Coastal Mts. and in the Fraser Valley ... heading home! The first mornings that I was home, I was still on Halifax time ... so, I saw a couple of 5:30 am sunrises.

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Florence said...

Very very nice !!
The "nature patchwork" is beautiful !