Friday, 26 March 2010

A walk at Ambleside, West Vancouver

On a Sunny March day, we walked on Ambleside Beach. The waves rolled in, driven by the wind.Watchful on the harbour of Georgia Strait ... was this traditional welcoming figure carved by a Squamish First Nations Artist.Looking to the west, apartments have replaced little beach cabins and housing is carved out of the forest.Waves ... draw us to the beach ... mesmerizing patterns in the sand.Looking from the park, east to Vancouver ... framed by the Lions Gate Bridge
Spring is popping up all over!
A little gallery called the Silk Purse had a display of Ted Harrison's paintings made for 'The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. The handwritten notes are on the back of each illustration.It was wonderful to see the originals - with brushstrokes and depth of paint layers.
Off a pier, a harbour seal was watching the people who were 'crabbing'. He is floating with his flippers up for balance.A sentinel watches over the beach ...
This beach is where I spent many a summer day in my teen years. There are many changes. Rocks with little crustaceans cut our legs - they are now covered by sand. A lagoon drains the wet sports fields. A historic Steam Train travels up to Squamish along the water's edge.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Wonderful pictures Vivian, I enjoyed them. I've been to Ambleside a great place.

Florence said...

Lovely walk !!!