Friday, 12 March 2010

TAST II #1 Diamond Stitch & #2 Knotted Loop Stitch

In 2007, I started on a 52 week embroidery challenge - run by Sharon B from Australia.
We are now starting a new challenge. This is the Diamond Stitch.I liked this stitch, there is a nice rhythm to the process. It lends itself to addition of a bead in the center.
Below is the knotted Loop Stitch. I had trouble with this one! I may have invented a sew stitch rather than making the correct stitch!So ... with some help from Sharon, I did the stitch correctly.
This is what the stitch should look like.

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ChrisBea said...

Hello Vivian - Looked at your work whilst browsing the comments on Sharon's TAST2010 blog - I like the effect you have achieved - may not be technically correct but you seem to have done a double stitch - I would like to try it if I may.
Have not yet posted my efforts will do at the end of the weekend.