Thursday, 10 December 2009

Abstract Challenge 2009 Dec. Flags

My Grandmother's Flags: When I was a child and we visited my grandmother, I loved the flags that flowered in May … hinting that summer is on the way. My mother brought some corms from Ontario to BC and grew them in her garden. I now have these beautiful Iris flowers growing in my garden.
The rich and regal colours are like velvet. The touch of gold on the petal adds the crowning glory! My photo was cropped to make one of nature's abstracts!


Gloria said...

Vivian, I just love your work! I love your iris, it inspires me to do something like that with one of my own photos. You must have painted that first, something I have yet to learn!
PS, thanks for your comments on my blog!

Vivien said...

Lovely! What did you use to make the interior of the flower 3D?