Tuesday, 29 December 2009

photographing quilts

Photography of quilts is a challenge!
Here are some links to help:
An article I wrote for the CQA/ACC Newsletter http://www.canadianquilter.com/pdf/DigitalPhoto.pdf
CQA/ACC members can check the winter 2009 Newsletter for another article with suggestions on the process to enter a juried show.
Blog entry a friend wrote on photography:
see: 6 December 2009 Decent photos - the problem

A good photo will give you a chance. A poor photo can prevent a good quilt from being considered by the jury.
This photo is taken outside on a bright day. Colours are true and clear. Details can be seen clearly.This detail shot is also outside and in the shade with a close-up setting.This photo is inside (on the same day) with a mix of incandescent light with a small flash. Colours are dull and detail is not clear.In summery: Accurate colour is the most important factor.The second factor is to pin the corners to the surface and check to make sure the quilt is hanging square. The third factor is to aim the camera at the center of the quilt. Practice makes perfect. The camera is your friend!

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