Monday, 26 October 2009

CQA/ACC - Canadian Quilter's Association

At the end of September, we held a board meeting of the CQA/ACC in Mississauga. It is a good meeting place, since most members are in the east. It is here that we deal with policy and procedures to govern the association. We make build on past practice and look to the future for innovations.
One of our adenda items was the planning for CQA/ACC Quilt Canada 2010 in Calgary AB.
link for Calgary:
Also, watch for a new, more interactive website next year! After the meeting, some of the board visited Western University at London, Ontario. It will be the site of the 2011 National Juried Show. The campus is beautiful. The residences will be available and the main show will be at London Hall. The Education building and Essex hall will provide classrooms, meeting auditorium and banquet hall. Below is the Local Organizing Committee and the Board members who visited the site to look at suitable rooms to meet the Quilt Ontario needs. There are a few modern buildings ... ...
Most are brick or stately stone
Following the site visit we met as a group to discuss and make the preliminary arrangements.
The Local Organizing Committee is the backbone of the National Juried Show, both the Quilt Canada show and alternate year provincial shows such as Quilt Ontario for 2011.
We work 2-3 years ahead to start plans. If your guild would like a challenge and memorable experience, contact our president to make a proposal.
CQA/ACC website link:
Contact for Board members and regional representatives is under 'Membership'

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Editor said...

Excellent post! and great photos! We look forward to working together with the CQA/ACC in bringing this great event to London!