Tuesday, 27 October 2009

09 S Ontario ... coming home

In September we revisited my family's origins. This is the trip home. I'll be doing more entries in the next few days.
We flew out of London Ontario after checking out the site for the CQA/ACC 2011 show. This was a wood carving at the London airport. It was many sided, showing the settlement history. We had clear skies. This is looking down on the Lake Huron shoreline. The amount of lakes in Southern Manitoba is amazing. It is not hard to see that an increase in the amount of rainfall/snow melting can cause flooding.Winnipeg spread out for a short stopover.And, soon after Calgary ...
As we took off from Calgary at 6:00 pm ... this is what the sky looked like ... As we climbed, the sunset spread out and then we had cloud all the way,
as we neared Vancouver, when the clouds were alight ...and, as we came down through the layers the clouds glowed ...and, finally we landed at 7:00 pm before sunset! When we fly west, we follow the sun and enjoy the beauty for a longer time!

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