Thursday, 10 September 2009

Trip to Alberta & Saskatchewan - Part 1 travelling to Edmonton

Our trip started in the middle of May, the skies were rolling with clouds.
As we headed into the mountains, the sky was misty. Farms looked lush and green from spring rains. BC has been suffering from more forest fires in recent years. This bear was having a leisurely munch on the young grass.He/she got up and looked at the line of cars ... and then hid behind a bush and looked at me, I think he heard the camera clicking. The bear decided to take a closer look and walked down into the ditch and up towards our car door. As the bear climbed up the side of the ditch, my husband couldn't see him and didn't understand why I was saying that we needed to go NOW! You find great little quilt shops in unexpected places.Many of the little towns originated with mines or logging.You can drive straight through from Vancouver to Edmonton, however we stayed stopped in Clearbrook for the night. A mini glacier winds its way down the valley. The date was May 20 and trees are starting to turn green.The morning is wet and misty, showing the ridges going up the mountainside. As we leave the BC mountains ... The sign says it all, we crossed from British Columbia to Alberta. Snow gives outlines of the rock faces that you don't see at other times. Weather can change within minutes, as you roll around the next mountain.
The Rocky Mountains are awe inspiring!The mountains show the effect of geophysical pressures when rock layers twisted like taffy and were pushed upwards. Ancient seabeds sit vertically. Here we have three different layers pushed up on each other.Twisted and layered like pastry ... Once out of the mountains, we quickly were into the flat prairie lands as we headed towards Edmonton. This is what is known as 'The Big Alberta Sky'.
At this time, a storm was on our left and sun with blue sky on our right!

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Florence said...

Here, in France, winter begin slowly; this week , it's "holidays" for me so I have time to visit your blog ... thanks to you, I discover your country... it's amazing !!!! Thanks !