Tuesday, 7 April 2009

studio finished!

Come on in ...
The addition of the design wall marks the completion of my studio!
I decided to take some photos while it was clean & uncluttered. My work station is an L shaped desk with my Pfaff Visions. I use the table top on the left as an ironing surface. The design wall is cork on plywood. The center wall hanging is my Trend-Tex Challenge for CQA. Abstract Challenge quilts on the right, ATC's on the left.
Lots of storage ... with Phoenix ... symbol of new beginnings. My Innova Quilting Machine by ABM. 18" of pure quilting pleasure! The back of the machine. Mirror reflection shows the frame. Mirrored doors hide large shelves for storage. Shiny & new ... now if I could just remember where I put everything! Gotta get to work ... pull some fabric for the next project ... catch up on the Abstract Challenges. The studio is just too neat!


Margeeth said...

Wow, this must make a lot of people very envious!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your studio is lovely. I know that lots of beautiful work will come out of that studio.

mageez said...

Hi Vivian
Your studio is beautiful! Can you focus in such a clean room? I can't. But you've seen the conditionsl i work in. (g)
happy sewing.

Margeeth said...

Now you wrote it on my blog, I remember reading you had a fire in your kitchen. That must have been a terrible experience, of course no one would be jalous of having to go through it. On the other hand, your new studio is beautifull, so that makes it right a little bit?

Kay Moore said...

Gorgeous and very well organized with lots of storage! What else could anyone want.....except extra time to spend creating?