Monday, 6 April 2009

Cherry Blossoms ...

One sure sign of spring is when the ornamental Cherry trees burst into fragrant pink clouds of blossoms! The Japanese culture has made its mark on Vancouver and t is celebrated by a Festival! FibreEssence has a show at Mason's on Fraser St. in Vancouver ... organized by Judy Villett.
The beautiful panels below are Judy's.Wall quilts, kimonos, embroidery and a weaving.
Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation ... until April 25th. Well worth a visit!
At the opening, Eri Akai demonstrated how to wear kimono. She explained some of the culture around the Kimono. Kimonos for the young and the bride were more colourful with long flowing sleeves. A More mature woman was reflected in her Kimono.The process of dressing would be difficult to do yourself. It consists first of tying the Kimono up, depending upon the woman's height. Next the waist is bound in. The Obi is wound and tied into the bow.
Finished - for a young woman to be a guest at a wedding. Here is more information:

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Guzzisue said...

A friend of ours married his Japanese girlfriend in a Traditional English wedding here in the UK but in the evening all her family including the groom wore traditional japanese dress. Beautiful :-)wouldn't want to run far wearing one!