Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Abstract Challenge jan. 08 Warm

I had a difficult year. The result was that I did almost no art work since April.
Sketching was my ‘toe in the water’. My impetus was a desire to work with colour and design. My method was to leave the sketchbook and soft pastels sitting on the table where I walk by many times a day ... it takes 5 minutes to make your mark! This was the original idea: Finally, the spirit moved me to turn a sketch into an 8"x8" Abstract Challenge quilt. The topic is 'warm'. The method was reverse applique. I did it free motion on my new Innova 18" frame machine. It took about 2 minutes to sew and the stitches are perfectly even! Note: I've never have been able to repeat an idea ... not even my own design!


Tropical Screamer said...

It's gorgeous and such beautiful stitches.

I always feel such movement in your art. I love it. It reminds me of the tradewinds that blow here.

And what wonderful colors. Thank you for sharing.


Vivian said...

thanks Darilyn: I’ve only been to Hawaii once – in the 60’s in Waikiki.
I remember how fast the sun set and how intense the colours were ... maybe that was in some recess of my mind!
Strangely ... I have never been able to do art with straight lines!