Saturday, 15 November 2008

Thanksgiving in Penticton, BC

We headed up the Hope Princeton Hwy. along the Similkimeen River to Keremeos and our friends trotted out to watch ...

We had a wonderful weekend wth family in the the Okanagan city of Pentiction for the Thanksgiving weekend. This tourist town is a great summer vacation spot. I walked these beaches as a kid, where this giant peach snack shop sits on the sand.

The beach is quiet in the fall.
Statues of children playing in the lake remind us of the days of childhood freedom!
Down the beach is a historic paddlewheeler is on show.

And, Wriggley loved the walk.

We drove up into the hills overlooking Okanagan Lake.

The area is arid and dry unless irrigated.
If you would like to be a cowboy (girl) for a day, stay at the Lost Moose Motel.

The view is great ...
Old wagons rest in the sun.
The 'big boy' surveys his empire.

A stairwell in the town is a wonderful design ... we need more surprises like this that make a small town street special.
In the evening, we boarded a small paddle boat for a wine tasting with each sip of wine co-ordinated with a scrumptuous appetizer.
At sunset, the sky was shot with platinum.

Memories of great church camps belonged to a place called
The Wine Festival was this week.

Grapes line the valley and the wine from the Okanagan is winning international awards.

We rode a steam train along prairie Valley.

Volunteers work to keep this part of our history alive.

A little bit of humour ...
A very old steam generator, probably used for logging.

The fall colours were in full glory of gold & red.

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