Wednesday, 29 October 2008

TrendTex Challenge '09

For those of you who read this blog in the beginning, you will remember that it was mostly about sewing. I've been away from my studio for a while ... more to come on that later. The Canadian Quilt Association has a challenge with fabric generously provided by the Trend-Tex Company. Here is the information for 2009:
This year the theme is 'ROOTS'. Five fabrics must be used in a small quilt to qualify for the prizes. You can add more, but you won't be in line for prizes. To enter, you must be a CQA member. Here is the link the last years quilts
The quilts you make are donated to CQA and become a fundraiser when they are auctioned at the National Juried Show that will be held in Saskatoon in 2009.

I made a little quilt and cut it into 6 postcards. I used all the fabrics. The blue fabric was altered with iridescent Shiva stick to become the dark 'earth'. The postcards were a small gift to the CQA board members to get everyone thinking about the challenge. As a board member I don't qualify for a prize - so, it is okay for you to see my design. But ... be sure to keep yours secret! Postcards #1 and #2

Postcards #3 and #4

Postcards #5 and 6

Note: do not cut your quilt up!

Leave your quilt whole!

For more info.

Here is a link to the Canadian Quilt Association: If you are a Canadian Quilter, it is a wonderful resource for information. Membership also purchases 4 Canadian Quilt Newsletters (a glossy magazine with information from individual members and guilds from across Canada).


Margaret said...

So much texture in these pieces! I loved the photos of BC from your previous post as well.

FabricMom said...

It is beautiful whole or apart. What a neat idea.