Sunday, 5 October 2008

Canadian Expressions at APNQ 2008 in August

The Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters' 8th biennial juried & judged exhibit shows almost 300 of the finest quilts from Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Northwest Territories, Oregon, Washington and Yukon.
2008 was a banner year. They moved 'uptown' to the Convention Center in Seattle. Attendance was up, but so were the costs. The fascility had an atrium area that was spaceous and bright.

The large convention room used for the show was well lit and viewers were able stand back and look at qults from a distance. The winning quilts were breathtaking.

As well as the show with almost 300 quilts, there were several concurrent shows.

One show was the 'Canadian Expressions', a juried show, by the Fibre Art Network. Link to FAN website:
Our show was very well received ... 26 uniquely Canadian fine art quilts. Over the three days, we had ten FAN artists talking about our quilts to the public. Our fine art quilts spanned from wimsical to abstract, landscapes to portraits ... truly an Expression of the Canadian scene.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

Sounds like you had a really nice time at the Quilt Show. Thanks for sharing.