Sunday, 28 September 2008

one of the triplets ...

The triplets have all stayed safe and well. Mom has done a great job. We have cougar in the area.
The fawns have lost their spots and long ago lost any fear of us.My flowers have taken a hit ... the blossoms make a tasty morsal. We have been doing renovations this summer. When the noise of construction stops, we know that one of two things has happened: it is lunchtime or mom has walked by with her little troop. Then you see these big burly guys go to mush and say, ' Aw, isn't that sweet." Then the cell phones come out to take a photo.


sumita's artworld said...

Hi Vivian!
Thanks a lot for your comments on my site!

I hope that more people in this world start realising that life is too short to wrap it up in egoistical and petty issues.
We should give love a chance too , just like these beautiful creatures that you have captured who live for the moment!

Maria del Valle said...

I see your beautiful photos dear friend, I like so much, inspire me
A hug!

Maria del Valle