Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A smile for you ...

I was preparing a workshop and came across a photo of 'Cool Dude'. I made him for my guild challenge a few years ago. The tiger was inspired by a greeting card. He was drawn onto black cloth, cut out and draped on the white fabric. I sewed as the fabric frayed ... but, I liked the raw look.The green foliage was sewn from the back using a satiny thread in the bobbin. Green fabric was attached to the front. Sometimes the stitching caught it and sometimes it didn't. The extra green was cut away. The butterfly was the challenge fabric we had to use. the other 'rule' was to use black & white with one other colour. Can you guess that this was done under time pressure? Sometimes it is better that way ... much more free in style ... 'what will be will be'.

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