Friday, 11 January 2008

A Sad Day ...

Today, an uncle died, we lost a cornerstone to the family. He was the first of four in my dad's family - 94 years old! They were raised on a farm on the 10th line near Clarksburg, a small town in Ontario. As a child, I visited my grandparents farm in the summers and my brother and I spent many a day walking the fields in the sunshine. Uncle Mannie was always gentle and patient, explaining how things worked and teaching us to look closely at the world around us. He was independent to the last and died a few days after being hospitalized.

Uncle Mannie visited us in 2003, at Christmas time. Above is a photo of Mannie with my dad. He was always interested in structural puzzles made of wood or metal. Dad is holding the one Mannie brought with him. Uncle Mannie is holding a photo taken at his birthday when friends and family gathered at a restaurant.
My father's generation were born in the first years of the 20th century. They saw the development of: cars, electrictity and the telephone - they went from lanterns to lights, horse drawn buggies to cars, horse drawn farm implements to tractors. Farming was transformed from 100 acres managed by the family to the need for multiple farms to earn a living. They are living the last years of their lives with modern technology. Both my great-grandfather's farm and my grandfather's farm are still owned by cousins of our family.
My dad is the last surviving of his siblings. He is 92 and his health is becoming more fragile.
Below are photos: of my great-grandfathers farm, the house he had built; 4 generations of men with my great grandfather, grandfather, dad and my oldest brother; and my great-grandfather on his 100th birthday.
The family came to Canada in the early 1820s. My great-grandfather's farm is adjacent ot my grandfather's farm. I remember two intelligent and patient men who always had time for children. My great grandfather kept detailed journals that included farm management and family events ... a very interesting read!
I'm overdue for a visit to where my roots are!


FabricMom said...

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle dieing. God Bless you and your family.

Virgi said...

I am sorry for your lost.
God Belss you and your family.

Old Boar said...

What a marvelous heritage for your children and your brother's children.

Your Uncles and Father have lived quiet but memorable lives.

You remember the earlier generations intimately and well, and will tell a wonderful Canadian story in time.

neki desu said...

i'm sorry for your loss, but i'm grateful for your wonderful and sensitive post. thank you for sharing.

neki desu