Monday, 1 October 2007

TAST week # 36 to #39 & 40 & 41

Week 36 Cable Chain ... yellow and blue, long lines of chain.
Easy to do and a good stitch to show movement.
Week 37 Rice stitch.

A background of navy cross stitches is topped with a grid of veriagated horizontal & vertical stitches. It gives a woven look.
Week 38 Knotted button hole band. You could pass a ribbon under the large blue stitches, or it could be stitched with a smaller distance between, for a more dense look.
Week 39 reversed button hole bar.
Once again the loop/knot shows up best with a 'hard' thread. The background for the yellow stitching was button hole stitches in a half-round.

TAST #40 = Linked Double Chain: the top two lines.
The lower lines: pink and navy - are my first try. I think it is like a fly stitch with a chain connecting. However, I thought it was quite nice ... so I left it in.
TAST #41 = Lace Border Stitch.
I had some trouble until I realized what direction the stitch was worked in. Certainly not perfect ... needs more practice.


Susan said...

I discovered your blog this morning, and spent some time reading back through your posts. I am totally enjoying your stitching, every piece facinating.

Miss Snips...

neki desu said...

your knotted buttonhole band is really inspiring.thanks!

neki desu

Doreen G said...

I'm having touble with week 41 also Vivian but I will push on until I get it.

sharonb said...

Pleased to see you got the hang of this stitch in the end -and looks as if you did finally find the rhythm of this which is the main thing