Wednesday, 3 October 2007

September trip ... coming home

On the last days of our trip, we left Edmonton, Alberta and headed west the Yellowhead Hwy, through Jasper and on to British Columbia. The traffic was light and the weather was cloudy. New snow dusted the peaks.

Near Jasper, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep come down to the road to lick minerals. Here two babies are coached down the steep cliff by mom.

Made it!

The mountains are rugged and the rivers meander through marsh valleys. As we near Kamloops, one expects to see a moose. However, he didn't make an appearance.
Near Barrier in British Columbia, the devastation of fires from 2003 is seen for miles. The undergrowth is starting to regrow.

Summer has left and we have frost at night with golden trees and grasses. A cold wind blows down the valleys, making the grass dance.

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Old Boar said...

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are pictured.

Other bighorn sheep - California Bighorn are found at Vaseaux Lake, Spence's Bridge and confluence of Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers in B.C.

Dall (or originally Dall's) Sheep are thinhorn sheep (like Stone Sheep ) and are found in the far northwest of B.C., the Yukon and Alaska.