Monday, 9 July 2007

Linden Gardens at Kaleden in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.,Canada

I thought I would take you for a walk through a beautiful garden. It is relatively new, but well worth a visit!

I'm bored these days. A minor finger operation left me with a bulky bandage ... however, I've learned to type with 9 fingers! The worst part is that I can't swim or garden and sewing is a challenge.

Buds and leaves can be as beautiful as flowers!

The poppy photo was altered in Photoshop for a more dramatic look.

There is a network of water ways and pools.

Ponds have waterlillies and reeds, making a home for the little aquatic creatures.

There is a whole community hiding in plain sight.

As you emerge from the cool of the water ways, flower gardens open up ...

Lillies glow in the sunlight.

Delphiniums bloom in a variety of colours.

The little bugs manage pollination and a hundred different jobs we don't know about.

There are columbine that grow wild in the mountains ... and holly bushes that are heavy with berries.

And, finally, a look at the beauty of seeds.

I hope you enjoyed your meander on the pathways of Linden Gardens!
In the middle of the gardens is a beautiful building and courtyard. Be sure to plan on having lunch ...
they have lots of yummy sandwiches!
Remember, we need to stop from time to time and smell the roses, it is good for the soul!


Lynn said...

Thank you for the smell of roses at lunch on a busy day at the office.

Hope this finds you all well and you finger felling better.

10th line cousin

Vivian said...

Good to hear from you ... I sent an email to your home.

Robin said...

Yes! Enjoy it I did! Beautiful subjects, beautiful photography. My favorites were the ladybug, delphiniums and the last whispy going to seed something (don't know its name)! Thank you!!!