Friday, 29 June 2007

Abstract Challenge 05 2007 LANGUAGE

Language and mathematics are a higher and more recent level of mental development in the human brain. They are also the first to be lost as memory fades in the aging process.

I chose blue sky/cloud fabric and opened my stamp drawer.

My 91 year old mother is a fading image of her previous self. Hope, trust and love were the foundation of her life. There is beauty in her smile and continuing gentle personality.The journey becomes less defined in the last stage of life. Love from 4 children continue to protect and care for her. The dragonfly is a symbol of friendship and long life. The forget-me-not flowers are the symbol for the Alzheimer's disease that eats at her mind.

My father is 92 and cares for her within an intermediate care facility. In 2008, they will have been married for 70 years.

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