Sunday, 18 May 2014

Play time!

I have a wonderful group of friends ... we get together to celebrate birthdays and experiment with new art products and techniques. This is a catch up post!

SUNPRINTING ... always fun to splash on the paint and create a unique fabric.

Sunprint with stamp.
Natural plants used to block the rays of the sun, leaving white areas.
Sunprint with ferns painted and printed.

FOILING ... this is easier than it looks: use tacky glue designed for foiling, apply glue to areas that you want to be foiled, allow to dry to tacky. Place foil on fabric with colour side up and press with the edge of the iron.

powdered glue creates little dots ... also see posting for 'Moon Dust'
painted glue using stencil
multi coloured foil + glue painted on 2" block stamp
flower stamp, glue added with roller
multicoloured foil and small swirl stamp with silver stamp
stencil used to paint glue on fabric and gold foil
Stamp and foil with dots of pink and green
Stam carved into eraser, blue foil
4 sided stamp with textures
Glue applied with breyer over rubbing plate

Glue applied with cork dipped in glue
I loved the process ... so many ways to use this technique!

TISSUE PAPER ... we tried this on fabric treated with soda ash. I think it would work better with paper collage and guesso. We placed ripped/cut bits of tissue on white fabric and waited for the colour to run from the tissue. It created quite bright colours. Unfortunately, the colour was not very permanent. My results were pastel. However, we had lots of fun!

MONOPRINTING ... always a surprise! We had a lovely April Day! Again this is easier than it looks: spread paint on a surface, place fabric on top, smoosh fabric and lift carefully. 

Alternate: you can also use a roller to get even amount of paint.
Stencils, positive and negative image can be used when you add the paint to the surface.
The paint should be thick, not watery.

swirllled, thickened paint
You can take several prints, each will be more pale. stencil used for purple.
So many ways to make unique fabric!

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