Saturday, 10 May 2014

Peacock visit!

I've been delinquent from my blog ... sorry to those who have followed my ramblings!
Here is a fun post:

Guess who dropped in for dinner?

 We had a peacock and his mate drop in for dinner. My husband noticed a very big bird in a tree at the back of our house. 
 It flew over our heads to land on the roof. I ran to the front with my camera and was surprised to see there were two! He had a girlfriend. 

 He flew down and walked around the side of the house, looking in the door.

 I found some granola and they gobbled it up. We haven't had another visit, but we can hear them in the trees. We contacted a sanctuary and they will take them if they return.

 They weren't very tidy guests. I think they roosted in our courtyard while we were away. It took a day to clean! They dug around in the flower garden and 'did their thing' on the tile floor.
 Any significant meaning to having a visit from a peacock?

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Katie Stein Sather said...

should those birds be back, HE can be quite hazardous to anything shiny.