Wednesday, 9 October 2013

FAN retreat 2013

The Fibre Art Network meets once a year in the fall. This group guides the activity and growth of the group. This year it was at 'The Haven' on Gabriola Island, across from Naniamo on Vancouver Island.

Each year about 1/3 of the members attend ... we move to a different location each year ... so we are renewing friendships while we make a name card.

Our challenge this year was to bring and exchange a page size art piece.
Looking out from the Haven.
We meet in small groups to discuss specific issues.

It rained most of the time ... but, we did get out in the sunshine on the last day.

Many cultures are represented in the gardens.
Our cabin.
The woods are damp and mossy.

Where the ferry comes in there is a channel with interesting formations.

Seaweed floats from it's bulb. Starfish and jellyfish are plentiful.
Interesting reflections.
Sandstone cliffs erode ... leaving a skeleton rock.
An old tree spirit.

A great time with friends!

Ferry ride to Nanaimo

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