Monday, 2 September 2013

Tacoma Quilt Show 2013

Last week, we attended the Pacific West Quilter Show in Tacoma. Elizabeth Spannering and the volunteer committees did a marvelous job of organizing the APWQ Show. BC's Thelma Bureyko Newbury has joined the board as a Canadian Representative.

The hotel is right across from the Convention Center, allowing me to attend in a wheel chair - the result of a broken ankle. The Fibre Art Network - FAN- had a concurrent show  'From Away' I did some supervision at the FAN Show. 'From Away' was very well received!

Here s a link to Cindy Scraba's blog, with some photos:

I attended a workshop by Sherry Rogers Harrison on painted quilts. The technique involves using a fabric painting medium with powdered dyes. They do not run and are easy to vary the intensity.
Sherry has won several awards. Her quilts are quilted on an Innova Long Arm and then painted!
Link describing process:
check: Highlight and Shadow

Close up of the Beautiful quilt she had in the show ... it is not appliqued ... it is painted.

My little project from the workshop - Sherry provided pre-sewn white samples.

This is the pattern for a larger project with some test colours. 

Back to the show floor: Joanne Baeth, lives in south-east Oregon, where eagles congregate! We share a love of eagles ... note the prize ribbon on Joanne's quilt!

This is my 'Eagle Sanctuary' quilt illustrating the Sanctuary near Brackendale in British Columbia.

The APWQ show will be held every other year. Well worth a visit!
In past years the organization was called the APNQ and held in Seattle.

There was also a military parade that weekend. There was a costume display from different periods, some machinery and a surprise: a contingent from the The Royal Westminster Regiment (Canadian) - celebrating its 150th birthday!

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