Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mariposa Lily, Fibrescapes

In May, FAN is debuting a Fibrescapes -  concurrent with the CQA/ACC National Juried Show - in Pentiction, BC. This show will be available to travel for two years.
The flowers are my photos: printed on silk, fused to a second layer of silk, free motion stitched, cut out and hand sewn to the prepared background.
I added beads for detail and depth. There was also a blue-green insect visiting several of the flowers ... I had never seen it before.

Mariposa Lily:
Calochortus is a Greek word meaning 'beautiful grass', however the flowers grow from a bulb. Mariposa is a Spanish word meaning 'butterfly' and refers to the evanescent quality of the petals and unique markings on the flowers. My photos were taken on a semi desert grassland hill near Oliver, BC. The actual flower size is about 2" on a 8-10" stalk.

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