Sunday, 17 March 2013

Leslie's birthday ! Thermofax stencils & rubbings.

 Leslie celebrates her birthday this month!

We decided to try those thermofax screens we had purchased and never tried!

Easy to use: thick paint (we found Jacquard paints to be good), and a  squeegee. Important: soak your screen right away and wash gently to get the paint out of the little holes.
This is the group, with our work spread out on the table

Below .... some of my work.
The metallic paints looked good!

You can double print and 'ghost' print.
The bugs could be added to an art quilt!
This one gave an interesting pattern. Notice top left: screen was too wet and  caused paint to run
Below are plastic stencils using screen printing paint and a stencil sponge brush.

We also did some rubbings with shiva sticks ... this was gold on navy fabric.
Smuged  :(
Interesting to use as a background.

It is fun and useful to make your own fabric designs.

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