Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Transfer Paints ... embellished

My parents grew up in the depression period and they never threw anything away. A certain amount of that rubbed off on me, giving me pleasure to rescue items from the trash bin. Everything in the little quilt below was part of what I had 'tucked away' in case I had a use for them.
A project in creative thrift: reuse, recycle and re-purpose

The making of the little quilt can be seen in this link:

The Embellishment: I used two threads to embellish:
- a cotton thread that was used for sweaters in the 1980's (purple and teal with slubs - my mom knit many sweaters for the whole family)
- a rayon thread from the 1940's (purple - a mixed bag from an elderly neighbour)
The dragonfly is a vintage button ... probably from the 1920's (a little gift)
The beads are taken from necklaces worn in the 1940/1950 decades (a bag given to me by one of my mom's friends)

The batting was a scrap from a past quilt
The backing is an old sheet.

So my little quilt did not cost me money ... only time.

I became sick with the flu on New Year's Eve ... not a nice way to start the year!
However, since my energy level restricted me to my big comfy chair ... that gave me the time to embellish this little piece. Although I enjoy hand embroidery, I seldom sit still long enough to do it!

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