Tuesday, 11 December 2012

La Conner ... Material Men

Not to be missed: 
the Current Show at the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum ... hope it travels to other venues!
Link to the website: 

Green Eyes by Jim Hay, Japan.

The Quilt Artists of MATERIAL MEN:
Thom Atkins (Santa Cruz, CA)
Tristan Robin Blakeman (New Haven, CT)
Edward M. Bostick (New York, NY)
Richard Caro (Waterville, ME)
Michael A. Cummings (New York, NY)
Joe Cunningham (San Francisco, CA)
Leslie Gabriëlse (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Jim Hay (Gunma, Japan)
Luke Haynes (Seattle, WA)
Raymond K. Houston (St. Louis, MO)
John Lefelhocz (Athens, OH)
Mike “Mac” McNamara (San Francisco, CA)
Shingo Nakano (Saitama, Japan)
Shawn Quinlan (Pittsburgh, PA)
David Taylor (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Erick Wolfmeyer (Iowa City, IA)

You will see beautifully stitched 'grandmother's garden, beaded quilts, quilts with a message, and art that will make you ask, " Is this a quilt ?" Picture an image of cyclists made with chain link from a bike!

You will see techniques that we are familiar with and subjects handled in unique ways, from a different point of view.

Many quilts have a message. It would have been interesting to have a statement of the artist's inspiration. 
But, the alternate opinion is that art has its own message, specific  to the viewer!

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